Our Core Services:

Our “bread-and-butter”:

  • Interior Design/Restyling – If you are moving into a new home or freshening up your existing home - we create an overall interior design plan that works for you.

  • Color Consultation – For a new or existing home – it’s amazing what a little color can do for any space.

  • 3R - Reorganize, Repurpose, Renew - A little reorganizing coupled with removal of items you no longer like, need or want can make your interior spaces feel sparkly and new again.  

  • Living-in-Place Design - If you want to live-in-place in your current home for the long haul - we help you think ahead and avoid any “do-overs”.


Additive Services:

We can also provide separate home assessments upon request:

  • Environmental Home Assessment – For those who may have chemical sensitivities or those who want to ensure their home environment is free of pollutants. We look for environmental health and safety risks within your home along with any unhealthy behaviors.

  • Accessibility & Safety Assessment - We use an electronic checklist tool to identify specific accessibility and safety issues within your home. This is especially beneficial for those who wish to live-in-place over time.

  • Feng Shui Assessment - Space and what we put in it matters. Clutter can disrupt the flow of “chi” (or life energy). We identify energetic imbalances or blockages with recommendations on how to create greater overall harmony within your living spaces.

Living Spaces

Interior design should be all about your lifestyle. What’s working well now? What’s not working well? If you plan to live in place as the years progress, we discuss and create interior space plans that can meet your needs today as well as those needs you may have in the future.

Many families today are living in multi-generational households. This can create space planning challenges. We look beyond today to create universal living spaces that will take you and your family gracefully into the future.

Your living spaces should transition as your life transitions. Whether you are staying in your current home for the long haul, downsizing to a smaller home, moving to another home, expanding or changing existing spaces for multiple generations, we help you create living spaces that will work for all.

 “Carole exposed us to flooring, color schemes, and furnishings we never could have imagined on our own; She took the time to help us find interior options that not only dazzle, but reflect our own personal style.”   

- J. King (Edmonds, WA)

Living Earth

Sustainable design takes thoughtful planning across all phases of a design project. Whether you are doing a complete remodel or a simple room redesign, the materials you dispose of, reuse, or newly use need to be carefully planned.

Our design intent is to bring all interior elements together while keeping sustainability principles in mind. We consciously recommend earth-friendly resources throughout our design process whenever and wherever we can. The design resource marketplace today has many Earth-friendly products and materials. At EID, we do the research so you can make the smart choices needed to be a good citizen of the planet and do so in a beautiful way.


   “I absolutely love the new furnishings in my office, all thanks to Carole’s wonderful sense of style. Working with a designer was a new experience for me, and Carole patiently walked me through the process, and along the way helped me discover my style preferences. Carole did an amazing job of selecting beautiful furniture and art that really transformed my very drab office, and even designed a custom lamp using a thrift store vase as the base. I get compliments continually from visitors to my office. I’m very happy with my new space, and grateful for Carole’s special touch!” 

- R. Moses (Seattle, WA) 

Living Well

While providing an aesthetically pleasing living space is always a key design goal, we maintain a conscious effort towards the overall health and well-being of our clients. For color consultations, we can recommend low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints. For flooring, there are natural, organic products that won’t off-gas or attract dust mites. And we also can source formaldehyde-free cabinetry or recommend ways to mitigate exposure.

We can assess the health of your home energetically. Are there any blockages to the “chi” (life energy) that need to be cleared or removed? Do your interior colors help the chi flow throughout the energy baguas of your home? Are your interior elements well-positioned?

Ultimately, our services provide a holistic, integrated approach to ensure that your interior spaces are designed to optimize your overall health and well-being.

"I contracted with Carole to establish a plan I would do gradually, over time, with emphasis on the first two areas. However, when I discovered what she had in mind, I determined to do the whole house. It is stunning!

Visitors are generally floored when they come into my home. Few can believe that I would have done something like this. And, believe me, without Carole’s expert vision and talent, I would not have. Her work ethic is impeccable; she is complete and timely in every way."

- R. Anderson (Bothell, WA)

Our design hallmarks include:

Earth Consciousness and Sustainability for a Safe and Healthy Home.

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