Enlightened Entry

Custom ironwork creates a natural, beautiful entryway for this home.

Mid-Century Living

This high-back love seat helped to visually separate the dining room and family room areas. This mid-century high-back sofa did the trick beautifully. To add another cool twist, we found this stunning fabric for the pillows. It’s super texturized, and the vertical pattern helps to visually support the high-back sofa’s overall design intent.

Artful Space

This kitchen highlights four aspects of my design sensibilities: 1) contemporary lighting (Murano glass), 2) organic window treatments (grass and bamboo), 3) artwork by a local artist (encaustic), and 4) bold color (I am not shy!).

Custom Office Living

I decked out these two office chairs with this gorgeous Osborne & Little fabric.  The leaf patterns are a dusty gold with an eggplant backdrop.  The bright pink and purple floral pattern scattered about made for an absolutely STUNNING office.


This was a joint project with our client.  She found this cute little old loveseat on Craigslist. Why buy new when there are sooo many cute little old pieces just waiting to be “adopted”!

Then, I found this lovely, lush velveteen fabric and added 2 cute pink paisley patterned round accent pillows. And voila‘...cute, cuter, cutest loveseat EVER!


Custom "Grassy" Bench

This custom bench has a cool grassy print that brings a modern, organic look to this living room space.

Master Bedroom Suite Conversion

This project entailed creatively grabbing space from an existing 2nd bathroom and a spare unused bedroom to create a beautiful new master suite design

The "before" lay-out included a very small master bathroom and an overflowing master closet space.

Metallic Accents

A copper sink with copper faucet creates a stunning effect and brings a depth of richness to this guest bath.

Feng Shui & Color

Three major changes in this space made all the difference in the world: 1) wall color, 2) decluttering, and 3) space planning. This room has absolutely beautiful crown moulding and trimwork. However, it’s virtually invisible in the “before” image.

Once the room was decluttered, the desk repositioned to face the entry (instead of the wall), what a transformation!  Facing the entry is good feng shui practice. One doesn’t want to be “surprised” when others enter the room. All in all, a MUCH more effective use of space, color and room elements!


Color Shift

It's amazing what a little color can do for a space.  In these before and after images, you can see see a completely different energy shift for this guest bathroom!  The artwork becomes a visual focal point along with the towels.


Upcycled Lamp

My client found this adorable green vase at a thrift shop.  I "upcycled" the vase using a bit of pink floral sheer fabric on an oval shade, a dark wooden oval base with a cute little brass pineapple to top it all off.  This darling little creation now sits happily in her office.

Master Suite Conversion 2

This space planning redesign called for some creative thinking.  Space from a guest bathroom shower and an unused spare bedroom were integrated into a beautiful new master suite.  Happy, happy couple!

The previous master bathroom was tiny as was the master bedroom closet area. 

Artful Office Space

This client LOVES anything floral.  So, after selecting the fabric for her amazing office chairs, I went to work looking for the perfect artwork.  And I found it in these incredible macro floral shots by a local Seattle photography artist.  A little professional framing with just right wall positioning and....a beautiful office setting that make her visitors feel right at home!

The Womb Chair

Our client absolutely LOVED this old, beat-up Henredon chair. They called it their “womb” chair. But as you can see on the left, the fabric and seat cushion were in sad shape.  The “bones”, however, were solid.

No need to add to our overburdened landfills...we selected a contemporary, organic leaf pattern, and refreshed the seat cushion taking care to maintain that “womb” feeling. Outcome? Happy, happy client!


Organic Accents

Maintaining an organic theme throughout the home, a leafy, cream-colored fabric with a dark bronze, contemporary hardware selection was used to create a natural look for this master bathroom.

Tuscan Tiles

Fun European tile accents were used to give a Tuscan look and feel to this kitchen stove alcove area. 

Warm & Inviting

A rich copper color helped to "earthen" this warm master bathroom filled with the rich travertine flooring. 

Light-filled family room

Contemporary furnishings and materials selected to integrate with the natural setting for this family room space.

Decluttered Entry

This is a story about “decluttering” and unblocking the “chi” energy in one’s home.  This front entry had loads of “clutter” - note the mirror and photos jammed on top of the console cabinet’s surface along with a large plant basket on the right.  The surface was clearned, the mirror was replaced with some cool artwork (moved from another interior wall), and we created a new look and feel using a singular design element (the beautiful pottery).  Once decluttered, the “chi” is now able to freely move upon entry to this home.


Color Balance

A deep rich wall color was chosen to blend with the natural slate flooring in this front entry area. 

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