Elements of a Whole Environment

Spaces which exist in a
state of chaos (i.e., clutter)
interrupt the flow of "chi"
or life energy. This is one of
the fundamental principles
of Feng Shui. When spatial
chaos is eliminated, clients
feel an immediate "shift".
This energetic shift is
created once a space is
"decluttered." Once a
space is "calmed," the "chi"
can move more efficiently.
This creates greater overall
harmony, attracting
positive life influences and
outcomes as clients sense
their own lives transforming
into a more balanced state
of being.

Using "green" principles of
sustainability, we promote
the use and optimization of
natural light whenever and
wherever possible. Not
only is this good for the
Earth, but in the gray
Northwest region that we
serve, it is good for our
clients as well. Our region
has one of the highest
occurrences of SAD
(seasonal affective
disorder) and vitamin D
deficiencies. Harnessing
as much natural light as
possible can serve to
prevent or even overcome
such maladies.

The lay-out of our living
spaces can consciously or
unconsciously promote or
inhibit our life journey.
Repositioning or placement
of objects within our
client's living spaces moves
the "chi" to a different
place as well. Using
ancient Feng Shui
principles, we help our
clients understand the
impact of these
movements in various
aspects of their lives
including health,
relationships, finance,
family, career, knowledge.

While providing an
aesthetically pleasing living
space is always a key design
goal, we do so with a
conscious eye towards the
overall health and well-being
of our clients. All design
components discussed
above lend themselves to
the creation of a healthy
home. Our design intentions
are to bring each of these
elements together to
benefit both our clients as
well as our good Earth. We
consciously recommend
earth-friendly resource
elements throughout our
design process wherever
feasible. The design resource
marketplace is exploding with
resources. Some are more
so than others. At EID, we
do the material research
needed to bring truly
"green" resource/material
offerings to clients.

Master Home Environmentalist Volunteers

We are certified as a Master Home Environmentalist
Volunteers (MHEV) at EID. As part of our core business
mission at EID, we offer environmental home assessments
through the American Lung Association. We offer these
assessments as an integral part of our initial design
consultation for our clients as desired.

The goals of these home assessments are three-fold:

  • To increase awareness of environmental and health
       risks from pollutants in the home.
  • To reduce exposure to pollutants in and around
       the home.
  • To change environmental health behaviors within
       the home.

We believe at EID that these assessments are an integral
part of creating a living environment which promotes
overall environmental health and wellness for our clients.

Applied color is an essential
element in achieving overall
balance and harmony in
one's living environment.
Color is one of our
specialties at EID. Colors
infuse different energies
into a space. One of our
primary design goals at EID
is to ensure that the colors
we recommend are working
in concert with the overall
life intentions of our
clients. Properly applied,
the energy of color can
provide a supportive
environment to uplift,
energize and "heal" one's
state of mind and being.

Different spaces may call
for different design goals.
We actively learn about
these different goals and
implement accordingly.
Ultimately, we ensure that
our clients resonate with
our recommended color
palette. We also work with
paint contractors to ensure
proper and complete
implementation of our
recommended color
palette. Colors applied in
full concert rather than in
periodic staccatos will help
achieve the most efficient
flow of chi throughout your
living spaces.