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Redesign - Designing on a budget

June 06, 2017

How do you take your old tired spaces and create a completely new look with minimal effort and expense? Redesign is a term being used frequently in the world of interior design for clients with smaller budgets with big dreams. Here are some simple ideas that won't cost you a fortune:

1) Rethink your furniture floor plan - Often, just moving your furnishings into a new configuration makes a huge impact on the visual impact of your space. Turn the rug a different direction. Move furniture off of the wall, and into a more intimate, conversational space. Move furniture from one room into another room for a change of pace.

2) Reaccessorize -- Rotate existing home accessories into different spaces including different rooms. Purchase new, yet inexpensive accessories with a trendy color (try a local home consignment store). Paint old, tired accessories with a new, updated color.

3) Paint -- Applying a splash of a new, updated color can do wonders. Try one accent wall. How about a chair? Rethink the color of an old lamp base.

4) Artwork -- Dust off any old, yet well-loved artwork stashed away in your closet, under that guest bed, up in the attic. Can you purchase a new matte and frame to give it a fresh, new look? Consider rotating artwork into different areas of your home. Just doing this will make you reconsider those old color schemes throughout your living/work spaces.

5) Nature -- I love adding earthy elements to any space. Fresh cut flowers from your yard (or a gardener friend). Put some colorful earth-friendly potpourri in a bowl. If chemically-sensitive, how about putting some pine cones in a colorful bowl? Mother Nature has loads of offerings, especially this time of year, so indulge!

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