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Designing during the Downturn

June 06, 2017

I decided that today I would discuss the topic of designing while still maintaining common sense and budgetary prudence during today's economic downturn. While it sounds as though we are bottoming out, many are still leary of pulling out that credit card or wallet too far from those pockets or purses.

I just had a client call me from a remote location well outside the Seattle metropolitan area where my design business is based. She wanted assistance on figuring out the color of two rather large, angled walls in rooms with vaulted ceilings and loads of daylight. She and I both viewed digitized photos of the two rooms, and I was able to provide her with what I will call "Color Consultation Lite" by phone and e-mail.

My recommendations to her included the caveat that the colors that we were each seeing on our computer monitors may not be exactly the same since the resolution quality of computer monitors can vary. However, for her purposes, it worked fine. I was able to provide her with enough design guidance for her to visualize her spaces. And off she went!

Further expansion of this concept with a designer could include sending materials/color samples by snail mail, but again, if time is of the "Essense", this is a VERY economical way for you to get a designer's "eye" without the usual cost of an "in person" and more extended consultation.

So, if you are looking for a "2nd opinion" (which many homeowners desire), and don't need more than that, consider the following: 1) Search the Web for an interior designer whose design portfolio you really resonate with, 2) Try to find smaller design companies who specialize in residential or small commercial projects as they'd be more likely to provide this "virtual" service than larger companies, 3) If they don't offer this service currently, ask them to consider adding it - that's what I did "on the fly" (that's what my client did, and it worked!)

My client plans to send me "after" shots once her walls are painted. I can't wait to see the final results of our "virtual" collaboration. It was fun and easy!

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