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January 22, 2022

Shana Perrina is a native Seatte artist who not only has a passion for creating beautiful art but also a compassion for her community.  She has combined her two personal passions into The White Canvas Project.  Every piece of art she sells is paired with a 20% donation to her favorite local  or national non-profit service organizations. 

I am so inspired!  Her art pieces are organic and color-rich with depth of movement and texture that literally moves you.  I couldn't stop looking at the pieces as I walked down the hallway of a local Fremont studio building where she had installed her work.  I just HAD to have one...and then...two pieces of her work!

The first piece I was drawn to for three reasons:  1)  The piece is visually small and yet stunning in every way, 2) I loved the title, "Kindness Is Free", my mantra since the beginning of the pandemic, and 3) The 20% donation would go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, an organization very near and dear to my heart as both a former volunteer and a patient.

The second piece I was drawn to: 1) Because of its title, "Energy Flows Where Focus Goes" (How true is that?), 2) The colors were a perfect match with the accent wall I recently painted in a master bedroom. and 3) The 20% donation would go to Ronald McDonald House.

Though these pieces reside in my own interior space, I would not hesitate to introduce her work to any of my design clients as the energy and vibe of her work meshes really well with my own design vibe. 

Cheers to Shana and The White Canvas Project!

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