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Flipping a Room

June 17, 2020

This guest bedroom is located in a converted attic space.  The current color palette is mostly a cornflower yellow with black/gray/white accent colors - rather monotonistic.  To create a more contemporary, up-to-date look, I started with a new bed cover which provided me with a whole new color palette to work with in this space.  The new color palette includes:  aqua, navy and cream.  The next step was to remove (flip) as much of the black color from this room as possible.

I wanted the new aqua color to pop out so I chose the side table and wall art to bring out this fun color.  By repainting the side table and changing the matte colors around the wall art, I was able to achieve just the right amount of aqua pop.  I also painted a bedside table lamp in a satin nickel, and flipped both the black bedskirt and waste can to a navy color.

The existing cornflower yellow walls provide a nice complementary backdrop for this new, updated look, and saved both time and money to boot!  So, there you have it - flipping on a dime (or maybe two) gave this guest bedroom a whole new look!



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