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October 19, 2017

Why aren't we following Japan's lead on this?  With many Baby Boomers now well into their retirement years, getting homes and especially bathrooms ready as we age gracefully is not that difficult.  And it doesn't have to be that expensive either. 

Americans don't like talking about such subjects, but let's get real people!  We need to all face the reality of the aging process, and I'm all for planning ahead wherever possible.

Having seen my aging parent through to the end, I wish, in hindsight, that we would have had one of these puppies installed for him as he became less and less able to care for himself hygienically.  But, frankly, it's also just a healthier way to live - regardless of your age! 

Think about this for just an instant.  Which option makes the most sense?  Using paper manually by hand?  Or using water that is ergonomically and anatomically designed for accurate, automatic, hands-free cleaning?  This should be a no-brainer!

I read another article with an Amazon review that said, "Believe me, after using one of these for a year you will consider the $600 and some odd dollars it costs as the best bargain of your life.  You will also wonder why everyone else is not using one and what took you so long to buy one.  You might begin to view your neighbors as bathroom neanderthals".  LOL! 

So, lest you be in that less than desirable population of "bathroom neanderthals", go get you one of these babies!   You won't regret it for an instant!!

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