About Essense Interior Design

Essense Interior Design provides sustainable interior design services which extend beyond the surface.  Our designs are holistic.  Aesthetics alone don't necessarily make for a happy home.  Good design needs to work for you and your family beyond today. 


Our services start with an exploring and discovering your personal style.  No one style is the same nor should it be...creative unique spaces is our ultimate goal. 

About Carole

I love helping people.  I love thinking “outside the box”.  Interior design is a long-term investment.  Styles change.  Colors change.  Trends change.  But for most, lasting home design should cut across all facets of your life both for today and tomorrow.  What will your home needs be in 10 years?  20 years?  I like to explore those needs with you so that the designs we create together can grow with you and your family.

My past experience in the health care industry allows me to create a unique business model that integrates beautiful design with your personal and long-term health needs in mind.

Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP™)

Master Home Environmentalist© (MHE©)

"Carole created a kitchen and dining room space that enhanced the living room area of my home. She suggested colors for my walls that embraced the diversity of my artwork. She encouraged me to not only think about what I wanted in those spaces but how it would make me feel when I entered those spaces during the morning, afternoon or evenings. I benefited from her spirit, heart and commitment to creating spaces where great dinners happened, celebrations occurred and warm memories were created."

- W. Nelson-Shimabukuro (Seattle, WA)

Our design hallmarks include:

Earth Consciousness and Sustainability for a Safe and Healthy Home.

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