Living Spaces

Designing outside the box. We think through your interior space needs for today as well as for tomorrow - so your living spaces “fit” you and your family well into the future.

Let’s plan ahead

Living Earth

Thinking responsibly. We consciously design your interior spaces for sustainable living - with a keen awareness towards using our Earth’s resources wisely.

Let’s plan mindfully

Living Well

Striving for healthy living. We integrate designs for health and wellness. Our design methods are multi-faceted, balancing your needs aesthetically, energetically, and physically - because it all matters.

Let’s plan for a healthy home

Kitchen Pizzazz

“Carole exposed us to flooring, color schemes, and furnishings we never could have imagined on our own; She took the time to help us find interior options that not only dazzle, but reflect our own personal style.”  

- J. King (Edmonds, WA)

Bold Design

“I absolutely love the new furnishings in my office, all thanks to Carole’s wonderful sense of style. Working with a designer was a new experience for me, and Carole patiently walked me through the process, and along the way helped me discover my style preferences. Carole did an amazing job of selecting beautiful furniture and art that really transformed my very drab office, and even designed a custom lamp using a thrift store vase as the base. I get compliments continually from visitors to my office. I’m very happy with my new space, and grateful for Carole’s special touch!”

- R. Moses (Seattle, WA)

Modern, Organic Statement

A grassy print fabric gives this custom bench an organic, modern feel.

Sustainable Living

This loveseat was repurposed with a little reupholstering, new lush fabric and a couple of custom silk accent pillows.  Now the cutest loveseat EVER!

Enlightened Entry

These beautiful, ironwork entry doors made by a Seattle-based artisan are truly a Northwest showstopper.

Artful Spaces

"Carole created a kitchen and dining room space that enhanced the living room area of my home. She suggested colors for my walls that embraced the diversity of my artwork. She encouraged me to not only think about what I wanted in those spaces but how it would make me feel when I entered those spaces during the morning, afternoon or evenings. I benefited from her spirit, heart and commitment to creating spaces where great dinners happened, celebrations occurred and warm memories were created.”

- W. Nelson-Shimabukuro (Seattle, WA)

Our design hallmarks include:

Earth Consciousness and Sustainability for a Safe and Healthy Home.

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